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Trouble Shooting Your Mini- Split Unit


*Do not repair the air conditioner by yourself as wrong maintenance may cause electric shock or fire or explode. Please contact the authorized service center and let the professionals conduct the maintenance, and checking the following items prior to contacting for maintenance can save you time and money. 



The air conditioner does not work.

  • There might be power outages.                                          ----> Wait until power is restored.

  • The power plug may be loose out from the socket.  (Make sure the plug is in secure)

  • The power switch fuse may blow.                                       ----> Replace the fuse.

  • The time for timing boot is yet to come.                              ----> Wait or cancel the timer settings. 

The air conditioner can't run after the immediate start-up after it is shut down.

The air conditioner stops running after it starts up for awhile. 

  • If the air conditioner is turned on immediately after is turned off, the protective delay switch will delay the operation for 3 to 5 minutes.

  • May have reached the set temperature.                    ---> It is a normal function phenomenon.

  • Maybe at a defrosting state.                                       ---> It will automatically restore and run again after defrosting.

  • Shutdown Timer may be set.                                     ----> If you continue to use it, please turn it on again.

The wind blows out, but the cooling/heating effect is not good.

  • Excessive accumulation of dust on the filter, blocking at           air inlet and outlet, and the excessively small angle of the louver blades will affect the cooling and heating effect.                ---> Please clean the filter, remove the obstacles at the air    inlet and outlet, and regulate the angle of the louver blades.

  • Poor cooling and heating effects caused by doors and     windows opening, and unclosed exhaust fan.                               ---> Please close the doors, windows, exhaust fan, etc.

  • The auxiliary heating function is incorrect, and the    temperature and wind speed settings are not appropriate.           ----> Please re-select the mode, and set the appropriate temperature and wind speed.

The indoor unit blows out an odor.

  • If the air conditioner itself does not have an undesirable odor. If there is an odor, it may be due to the accumulation of the odor in the environment.                                              ---> Clean the air filter or activate the cleaning function.

There is a sound of running water during the running of air conditioning. 

  • When the air conditioner is started up or stopped, or the compressor is started up or stopped during the running, sometimes the "hissing" sound of running water can be heard.                                                          ---> This is the sound of the flow of the refrigerant, not a malfunction.

A slight "click" sound is heard at start-up or shut-down.

  • Due to temperature changes, the panel and other parts will swell, causing the sound of friction.                                           ---> This is normal, not a fault.

The indoor unit makes an abnormal sound.

  • The sound of the fan or compressor relay switch on or off. 

  • When defrosting is started or stops running, it will create sound.                                                                                       ---> That is due to the refrigerant flowing in the reverse direction. They are not malfunctions.

  • Too much dust accumulation on the air filter of the indoor unit may result in fluctuation of the sound.                                      ---> Clean the air filters frequently.

  • Too much air noise when "Strong Wind" is turned on.               ---> This is normal, if feeling uncomfortable, please deactivate the "Strong Wind" function.

There are water drops over the surface of the indoor unit.

  • When ambient humidity is high, water drops will be          accumulated around the air outlet or the panel, etc.                              ---> This is a normal physics phenomenon.

  • A prolonged cooling run in an open space produces water        drops.                                                                                                     ---> Close the doors and windows.

  • Too small of an opening angle of the louver blades may also      result in water drops at the air inlet.                                                      ---> Increase the angle of the louver blades.

During the cooling operation, the indoor unit outlet sometimes will blow out mist.

  • When the indoor temperature and humidity are high, it happens sometimes.                                                                ---> This is because the indoor air is cooled rapidly. After it runs for some time, the indoor temperature and humidity will be reduced and the mist will disappear.

Immediately stop all operations and cut off the power supply in the following situations:

Hear any harsh sounds or smell any awful odors during running. 

Abnormal heating of the power cable and plug occurs.

The unit or the remote controller has any impurities or water in them.

The air switch or leakage protection switch is often disconnected. 

Still having trouble? 

If troubleshooting the technical issue does not work, then you may need to contact us for more help. Our team of experienced professionals is available to assist with any inquiries or problems that may arise. We can provide comprehensive support and solutions for a wide range of issues, from connection and installation problems to system compatibility and software updates. Whether you are experiencing a minor inconvenience or major malfunction, our team is here to help you resolve your technical difficulties quickly and efficiently. You can email us at

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